Security you can trust

FileSimple is always working to protect your information

Our security philosophy

FileSimple is committed to the protection of our clients’ data and creating a safer Internet everyday. FileSimple was founded on the tenets of placing security first and it is our promise to never compromise when it comes to the security of your information. We use only the most reputable companies and technologies, and always maintain your information within Canada. We encourage our clients to uphold high security standards and provide the tools to do so.

Control your data

It's your data and you’re in control. At your request, we will securely remove your data from our storage. (See Terms of Service.)

Security tools

We provide multi-factor authentication. This allows you to use a pass-code from your device along with your password for an added layer of security when logging into your account.

Encrypted storage in Canada

Your information is always encrypted and stored on servers in Canada. We communicate sensitive information only through encrypted channels.


Security tips

Security is stronger when we work together. Here are a few tips to keep you safe:

  • Create a strong password and never share your password with anyone

  • Ensure you use our encrypted channels of communication for sensitive information

  • Set up multi-factor authentication

  • Never store files unprotected on your personal devices