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How to use FileSimple

A Detailed walk-through of our tax preparation process


(1) Schedule a virtual appointment

(2) Upload your documents and authorize FileSimple
(3) Review your return

(4) Complete your payment


Below is an overview of our online tax preparation process. If you still require assistance, simply reach-out to your Tax Expert or email us at


1. Schedule a virtual appointment

The first step is to schedule a virtual appointment with a Tax Expert at FileSimple. Simply click           

Get Started to book your appointment online.


What happens during my appointment?

The appointment is a virtual one-on-one meeting using video chat, audio-only chat, or even dialing in over the phone. It’s up to you! You are not required to use video chat at any point during the virtual meeting. During your appointment, a Tax Expert will:

  • Get to know your personal tax situation

  • Confirm the applicable pricing based on your profile. You are welcome to notify your Specialist of any promotional codes you would like to apply.

  • Walk you through the document uploading process

  • Answer any additional questions


Additional help on the virtual meeting can be found here .


We currently offer services to residents of Ontario only 


2. Upload your documents and authorize FileSimple

After the meeting, you will receive an email to create your secure login. Once logged in, you will be able to easily upload your documents and communicate securely with your Tax Expert.


Your Tax Expert will provide the list of discussed documents for you to upload. Uploading can then be done through your phone or computer by taking photos of or scanning your documents.


For your protection, the CRA requires FileSimple to obtain certain consent in the preparation of your taxes. Your Tax Expert will not have access to your CRA tax information until you complete all authorization forms, which can be found here.


A detailed guide on how to upload documents can be found here.

An overview of the most common tax documents can be found here .


After your documents are uploaded, you will notify your Tax Expert and they will prepare your return. If you need help at any point, simply reach out to your Tax Expert or email us at


3. Review your return

You will be sent a summary of your return including the tax refund amount (or taxes owing), carryforward amounts and other relevant information. Your Tax Expert will be available to answer any questions about your summary.


4. Complete your payment

An electronic invoice will be uploaded to your client account. You may conveniently make payment directly through the invoice using any major credit card brand or from your chequing account.


Once payment is confirmed, FileSimple will electronically submit your prepared tax return to the CRA (using EFILE). It’s that simple! You will be given your prepared T1 return for your personal records.


What happens with my information?

We store your information for 7 years for you to conveniently access at any time. OR at your request, we will securely remove all of your data from our storage (See Terms of Service).



How to estimate your price

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Your Tax Expert will provide you with a quote after assessing your tax situation in your initial appointment.


You can estimate your applicable pricing tier using the guide below.


In Canada, there are no ‘joint’ returns with your spouse or family - everyone files as an ‘individual’ and our pricing is based on each individual’s return. However, having your taxes prepared together can still optimize credits across family members and/or spouses.


Pricing tier

You can find our pricing tiers here . Pricing is based on how many tax documents you have. Below is a brief list of tax document examples.


Note, if you have rental income, this qualifies as an ‘Advanced Return’ and no student pricing applies.


If you are self-employed, this is a ‘Self -Employed Return’. Self-Employed generally refers to an individual who runs their own business (unincorporated). You may identify with any of the following:

  • Sole proprietor

  • Independent contractor

  • Business owner

  • Freelancer

  • Consultant

  • Filed a T2125 last year


For self-employed returns, your Tax Expert will confirm your price after assessing your tax situation.

Common Examples

Tax situations are unique and your Tax Expert will ultimately quote your price after assessing your personal tax situation. Below are examples of three common scenarios, for reference only.


A student

  1. Employment income (T4)

  2. Rent (receipts total)

  3. Tuition (T2202A)

  4. Moving expenses (calculation or receipts)

Pricing tier: Student pricing because they were enrolled as a student during the tax year


An individual with employment

  1. Employment income (T4)

  2. Donations (total receipts)

Pricing tier: Two documents qualifies as a Basic return


An individual with a child

  1. Employment income (T4)

  2. Investment income (T3)

  3. Professional dues (receipt)

  4. Student loan interest (receipt)

  5. Childcare expenses (receipt)

  6. RRSP contributions (receipt)

Pricing tier: Six documents qualifies as an Advanced return


Audit Protection

Anyone can be audited by the CRA. With Audit Protection, you’ll have us by your side.


Your Tax Specialist will:

  • Correspond with the CRA on your behalf to defend your return

  • Review your tax documents for issues

  • Work to minimize any financial impact

Up to 4 hours of assistance is included when you purchase Audit Protection at the time of preparing your return. For more complex cases, an additional hourly fee applies after the initial 4 hours has transpired. We do not assist in any litigation.