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Authorization forms


The CRA requires us to obtain two forms when we prepare your return: (1) Electronic File Authorization (Form T183) which allows us to electronically file your return and (2) Authorizing a Representative (Form T1013) which allows us to access your tax information with the CRA.


(1) Electronic File Authorization (Form T183)

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires us to obtain consent from our clients when we file a return electronically. We file all returns electronically using CRA’s secure EFILE system.


You must fill out the following form to give consent to FileSimple:

Form T183: Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual’s Income Tax and Benefit Return.


This form will be available in your client portal login under the ‘Authorizations’ folder.


(2) Authorize a Representative (Form T1013)

FileSimple uses your historical and current tax information on account with the CRA in order to prepare your tax return. This information helps us get the maximum possible refund for you and avoid errors.


You must fill out the following form to allow access your tax information:

Form T183: Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative


This form is available in your client portal login under ‘Authorizations’ folder.


FileSimple takes your privacy and security seriously. This information will only be used in the preparation of your return. Learn more about our security here.



Document checklist


Your Tax Expert will give you a checklist after your initial appointment detailing which documents to upload. A general checklist is available below:


Tax questions we can help with


Here are some example questions our Tax Experts  can help you with:


  • Do I need to file my taxes if:

    • I just moved to Canada

    • Have no income

    • Am a student

  • What is:

    • TFSA

    • RRSP

    • CPP

    • EI

  • How do I reduce my taxes paid?

  • How do I increase my refund?

  • I worked abroad; do I pay taxes on foreign income?

  • Should I keep all my receipts?

  • What do I need to keep records of?

  • How long do I need to keep records?

  • Why does the CRA audit me?

  • Do my spouse and I file together?


Please note, FileSimple does not provide Tax Planning or Tax Advice. A Tax Expert will prepare your tax return to achieve your maximum refund and, when relevant, offer tax tips.



Important tax dates

Personal tax deadline - April 30, 2020


Online tax submissions open - February 24th, 2020

Deadline to contribute to your RRSP for 2018 - March 2, 2020

Self-employed filling deadline - June 15, 2020

However, if you have a balance owing, it must be paid by April 30, 2019


When will you receive your tax refund?

Generally, a refund may be received within 2 weeks after a return is filed electronically.